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coil straightener

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The coil straightener RLF series is equipped withfront and rear are equipped with transfer rollers.


  TheLeveler RLF series is equipped withfront and rear are equipped with transfer rollers. There is a handle on the upper part to finely adjust the leveling thickness accuracy, suitable for steel strips such as low-carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, copper, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, stainless steel, iron, steel and other metal coils .

  The straightening roller is made of solid bearing steel, which is ground and hard chrome plated after high-frequency heat treatment.

  1. The upper roller seat can be designed to facilitate the cleaning of the working roller.

  2. Remove the residual stress of the material with 17 working rollers. Fully meet the accuracy requirements in precision machining.

  3. The upper roller adopts the advanced 4-point type fine-tuning device, which is suitable for the processing quality requirements of the straightening machine with high precision.

  4. It adopts Japanese-made precision forest, which has high precision and long service life.

  Maximum material width: 200mm Material thickness: 0.1-1.5mm

  Campatible with other feeders.

Model RLV-150F RLV-200F RLV-300F RLV-400F RLV-500F RLV-600F
Max Material Width (mm) 150 200 300 400 500 600
Material Thickness (mm) 0.1~1.5 0.1~1.5 0.1~1.5 0.1~1.5 0.1~1.3 0.1~1.2
Speed (M/Min) 6~22
Motor (HP) 1 1 1 2 3 3
Inverter Provided
Work Rolls Upper8 / Lower9 All Drive Function
Pinch Rolls Upper1 / Lower1 All Drive Functio
Back up rolls N/A Porovided
Adjustment 4 Points Fine Micro Adjustment
Loop Control Touch Sensor
Work Roll Opening Manual Operation
Drive Method All Rolls are Driven with Side Gear
Power Supply 3Phase 220V/380V/50HZ


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