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3C product

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3C products are computers, communications and consumer electronics. Communication mainly refers to mobile phones, while consumer electronics products include digital cameras, televisions, walkmans, electronic dictionaries, video and audio players, etc. The 3C industry chain system is very large. Take the mobile phone as an example, there are nearly 20 kinds of components.

There are many types of 3C products such as mobile phones, drones, smart wearables, game consoles, camera equipment, and watches and precision instruments. The replacement cycle is short, and the demand for new materials, new processes, and composite processing is coming. The more the delivery cycle and the yield rate are required.

3C stamping automation applications save manpower and shorten production cycles. In recent years, the growth rate of functional components related to automation of electronic manufacturing equipment has been on the rise, and the demand for automation upgrades is obvious.

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