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The era of intelligent manufacturing is coming

Time:2022-04-25 13:59:30  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Intelligent manufacturing originates from the research on artificial intelligence, through the cooperation of human and intelligent machines, intelligent activities can be carried out in the manufacturing process. At present, research on intelligent manufacturing is underway all over the world, and developed countries have begun to try intelligent manufacturing in the true sense, which means that the era of intelligent manufacturing is coming to us.

To realize the transformation from automation to intelligence, the key is to enable machines to have the ability to think, or to allow machines to complete production tasks independently without human assistance. So, where does the wisdom of machines come from? Although the computing speed of computers has far exceeded that of humans, there is still a big gap between the autonomous thinking and the human brain. Now, researchers have found a way to use cloud computing and big data to endow machines with "smart", that is, with the help of almost unlimited data resources and the super computing power provided by cloud computing, computers have begun to undertake image and speech recognition, Marketing analysis and language translation tasks. General Electric has proposed the industrial Internet core of big data circulation. The millions of machines it manufactures with sensors installed generate uninterrupted data, which form an industrial database and conduct big data in a specialized cloud computing-based network system. Analysis, analysis results are dispatched to designated engineers, designers to improve product design and manuals, while new machines generate more data.

It is worth affirming that intelligent manufacturing is a complex system that includes three levels of equipment intelligence, system intelligence and decision intelligence. At present, even some leading countries such as Virtue and Germany have only initially realized the intelligentization of equipment, and the road to intelligent system and decision-making is still very long.

The intelligence of the production system includes three key functions: self-correction, flexible production and network learning. The intelligence of production decisions can avoid human mistakes in production decisions.

Global manufacturing and manufacturing companies must face the development trend of intelligent manufacturing that will completely subvert the traditional assembly line mass production organization. Although the era of intelligent manufacturing is still far away, both developed and developing countries should adjust the way and direction of manufacturing development to welcome the arrival of the era of intelligent manufacturing.

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