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Summary and Solutions of Daily Problems of Decoiler Straightener Feeder

Time:2022-07-06 15:22:39  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Nowadays, three-in-one feeder products are widely used in the automobile, home appliances, and hardware industries. During the use process, many customers face a series of problems. Now, some common faults are listed. Of course, there is a great risk in the hasty maintenance of large-scale products. It is most appropriate to contact professional staff as soon as possible for investigation and maintenance.
1. The feeding error has a fixed direction
Reason analysis: 1. Insufficient feeding wheel pressure; 2. Too long feeding length; 3. Insufficient feeding; 4. There is hair or objects in the mold
Removal methods: 1. Increase the pressure; 2. Pull the material due to poor ejection of the upper mold; 3. Check whether the width of the coil and the position of the mold guide plate are appropriate, or whether the mold and NC are in a straight line; 4. Check the baffle and Whether the stripping board has burrs and foreign objects.
2. Failure analysis: sudden errors occur during feeding
Reason analysis: 1. Whether the adjustment of the material by the NC feeder is appropriate; 2. The transmission gap between the roller and the servo motor is too large; 3. The relative unevenness of the coil material
Exclusion methods: 1. Whether the speed of the leveling machine NC is matched, or whether the intermediate distance between leveling and NC, the height of the material arc and the speed of the punching machine are appropriate; 2. Tighten the belt; 3. Check whether the length, width and thickness of the coil are standard.
Three, failure analysis: coil meandering
Reason analysis: 1. The width of the material coil and the position of the stopper wheel are improper; 2. The pressure of the roller is uneven; 3. The slipping is stuck; 4. The pressure of the roller is too large
Exclusion methods: 1. Readjustment; 2. Readjustment; 3. Check whether the mold guide groove is in line with the NC, whether there is waste in the mold rising, and whether the material has burrs; 4. Readjusting

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