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RUIHUI unpowered heavy material frame Brake structure improvement

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The heavy-duty uncoiler is located at the starting position of the stamping, and can form a feeding line and a blanking line with a leveler, a feeder, a shearing machine, etc. Due to the advantages of affordable price, wide application range (all kinds of stamping production lines and cutting production lines can be used), and high degree of customization (coil inner diameter, outer diameter, and coil weight can be customized) and other advantages, it has become an indispensable tool in the stamping industry. or lack of unwinding and unwinding equipment.

At present, the heavy-duty material rack adopts the box structure, and the motor drives the main shaft to run through the reducer to realize the unwinding. According to their different operating principles, heavy-duty material racks are divided into powered heavy-duty material racks and unpowered heavy-duty material racks.

When the traditional unpowered heavy material rack is actually used, it needs to be used together with a leveling machine with power, put the material roll on its supporting tile, and pull out the coil material head and manually introduce it into the RUIHUI leveling machine. , when the leveling machine feeds the material, pull the material roll and the supporting tile plate to rotate together. When the feeding of the leveler stops, the rotation should also stop, otherwise the coil material will be scattered due to release, which will affect the subsequent feeding. However, usually after the leveling machine stops feeding, the pallet will continue to rotate due to inertia, so the unpowered heavy material rack must be equipped with a rack brake. Since the feeding of the leveling machine is intermittent, that is, the feeding machine does not feed when the feeder stops, and then feeds after the bending is completed. This process is carried out alternately at high frequency, so the brake device of the material rack is required to be able to alternately perform high-speed braking. and loosen the pallet. However, the traditional unpowered heavy-duty material rack brakes cannot achieve alternately high-speed braking and releasing the pallet.

In order to fundamentally solve the shortage of traditional unpowered heavy material racks, RUIHUI intelligent technology has greatly improved the braking device of unpowered heavy material racks. The improved braking device consists of brake brackets, brake discs, brake levers, The friction plate and the retractable cylinder are composed of the upper brake rod, the lower brake rod and the brake disc are installed on the brake bracket, the brake disc is fixedly connected with the supporting shoe plate, and the friction plate and the retractable cylinder are installed on the brake bracket. on the rod. When the Jinzhide unpowered heavy-duty material rack is actually used, the upper brake lever and the lower brake lever are driven to rotate along the brake bracket through the expansion and contraction of the cylinder. The moving plate stops rotating immediately, so that the supporting shoe plate stops rotating and the material is discharged quickly; when the cylinder is extended, the upper friction plate and the lower friction plate release the brake disc of the material frame, and the brake disc rotates on the supporting plate Driven by the sleeve to rotate, the supporting tile plate rotates freely with the rotating sleeve of the supporting tile plate to realize automatic unwinding. RUIHUI's new unpowered heavy-duty material rack can realize the function of alternating high-speed braking and releasing the pallet, which fundamentally meets the needs of customers for automated stamping production.

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