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Differences in use of different feeders

Time:2022-04-23 14:31:15  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Air feeder: This is the earliest feeding equipment used in the stamping industry to realize automatic production. It is powered by an external air source (air feeders of 8C and above come with a cylinder), and clamped by the cylinder The material is fed by the floating rod pressing the cylinder down. The adjustment of the feeding step and time is realized by the degree that the floating rod presses down the cylinder. Among the three types of punch feeders, the air feeder has the best price. If the stamping owner does not require high precision for the finished product, this type of punch feeder can be considered, but pay special attention to the relatively high failure rate of the air feeder. need frequent maintenance.

Roller feeder: This is the most commonly used feeding type with punch presses. Its price is higher than that of the air feeder but lower than that of the NC servo feeder. It is the most cost-effective model among the three punch feeders. There is no power, the power is provided by the eccentric disc installed on the output shaft of the punch press, and the feeding step distance is adjusted by the eccentric disc eccentricity. Therefore, the feeding step distance is limited, the maximum can only reach 300mm, and the matching punch There must be an output shaft.

NC Servo Feeder: This is a punch feeding machine with the highest degree of automation, the widest range of applications, the highest feeding accuracy and the easiest operation. For the wide and thick materials that cannot be conveyed by the roller feeder, the setting of the feeding step, speed and times can be input on the touch screen, but because the electronic control system is quite high-end and complicated, the price is also high.

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