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Automatic feeder application range

Time:2022-04-13 15:41:04  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI

  The practical application of the feeder shows that the selection of a reasonable AC servo system can meet the requirements of fast response speed, high speed precision and strong robustness of the control system. The position control accuracy of the feeder is the highest in ± 0.1mm and can be avoided. Cumulative error. The control system can be applied to the production of high-precision open series cold-formed steel products, especially products similar to the shelf column, that is, the cold-bending forming production line for the online pre-punching of the cold-formed steel vertical and the side with high precision requirements for the hole position. on.

  AC servo system can be used in shelf cold forming production line to achieve high position control accuracy; and online pre-punching mode and hydraulic stop mode can be used independently, such as the shelf beam production process without online pre-processing Punching mode, etc.

  The matching of the feeder is applied to the punching machine, continuous die, injection molding machine, manipulator

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