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How can the punch feeder efficiently configure the production line?

Time:2019-07-15 17:09:10  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
The general automatic feeding machine automatic punching machine mainly consists of material rack, leveling machine, feeder and receiving machine; for different customers' processing needs, it can also be equipped with testing equipment (missing detector and bottom dead point detector) , suction machine equipment, material double-sided oil supply equipment, photoelectric protection devices, etc.

Regarding the configuration of the automatic feeding machine production line equipment, we need to fully consider the specific factors of the stamping process and the punching machine, and select the appropriate feeding equipment to handle different materials.

Usually with traditional punching machine, the optional air feeder with low punching precision is equipped with automatic feeding straightening machine for automatic production;

Usually the medium plate material, the stamping step is not required, and the stamping process is not complicated, and the high-speed roller feeder can be used with the two-in-one rack and leveling machine for automatic production;

Usually precision stamping, long step processing and multi-stage complex processing, the NC feeder is used with a combination of flat electronic feeder and precision leveling machine;

Usually with high-speed punching machine, you can choose the combination of clip-on feeder and flat electronic feeder; and some special processing occasions, such as silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet processing, use the best double-head material frame, S-type high-speed leveling The combination of the machine and the gear feeder;

For wafer blanking, the best yaw NC feeder is used in combination with the rack and leveling machine.

The actual real purchase is based on the customer's needs. The stamping owner needs to know the material, width range, thickness range, material properties (material weight, material width and material thickness) of the material, the tonnage of the punching machine, and the stamping process. In terms of demand (step size, accuracy), etc., it is also necessary to fully consider a series of hardware factors such as the spatial layout of the plant and the quality of the equipment. Finally, select the appropriate automated production equipment for flexible and reasonable combination and coordination, and strive to achieve process matching, fast and efficient. Punch automatic feeder production line operation to maximize investment benefits.

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