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How to improve the efficiency of three-in-one feeder

Time:2019-07-13 18:12:33  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
The three-in-one feeder adopts a unique mechanical and electrical structure and is equipped with a fully automated CNC control system. The servo motor is used to drive the feeding roller to efficiently and automatically feed the material. It is usually used for full automation of medium and thick plate coils. Unwinding, leveling, and feeding. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of customers' demand for automation, high efficiency and high precision stamping production, the three-in-one feeder has become the preferred automation equipment for customers in the thick plate stamping industry, and is gradually replacing the traditional split-type automation equipment and becoming the stamping market. Mainstream equipment.
For many years, Kunshan Wudou Machinery has been committed to research and development, production of better three-in-one feeders, and has accumulated rich experience in R&D, manufacturing and field use while continuously improving the overall performance of the feeder. By summarizing the experience of many customers' stamping and use, Kunshan Wudou Machinery found that when using the three-in-one feeder, it can achieve better unwinding, leveling, feeding effect and prolong its service life through some simple matching devices.
Three-in-one feeder idle test run
Install multiple sets of shelves for optoelectronics. The discharge speed of the three-in-one feeder directly affects the flattening effect and service life. Multiple sets of photoelectric induction control the unwinding speed, which can change the unwinding speed of the material rack from time to time, and the unwinding is more stable, achieving the purpose of completely discharging the material with the leveling feeding head.
Replace the traditional A-type iron with a stopper arm. The traditional material frame, the material rack and the leveling machine are discharged by means of A-type iron fixed coil material, the feeding is cumbersome, and the edge of the material rack is worn, which greatly reduces the effective working time. The configuration of the baffle arm simplifies the loading of the coil material and solves the problem of the edge wear of the coil.
It is equipped with a worm gear motor head lifting device. Three-in-one feeder feeding line height adjustment Traditional use of manual adjustment mode, slow adjustment, time-consuming and laborious, and Kunshan Wudou mechanical three-in-one feeder adopts four-point independent worm and worm synchronous transmission mode to adjust fast, stable and reliable High, effectively shortening the time for shutdown and mold change debugging.

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