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Ruihui three-in-one feeder common fault handling and precautions

Time:2019-07-11 16:58:36  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Pay special attention to the troubleshooting of the three-in-one feeder:
1. If there is any abnormality in the three-in-one feeder during operation or operation, stop the operation immediately and check.
2, to investigate the reasons, according to the need to adjust and repair, prevent trouble in the first place.
3. If the equipment continues to operate under abnormal conditions, serious accidents and serious personal injury or death may occur.
4. If the three-in-one feeder is faulty and the cause of the fault is clear and can be adjusted and repaired properly, please perform appropriate repairs.
5. If the cause of the malfunction is not clear and recovery is difficult, please contact Ruihui After-sales Service Department by phone.

The three-in-one feeder is highly intelligent and has an efficient and reliable fault automatic diagnosis function. When the three-in-one feeder fails, the fault diagnosis function of the touch screen can diagnose the fault code, and the fault code can be processed according to the following fault code. Simple and quick solution:
1. Counting in place: When the feeding time of the three-in-one feeder arrives, it will be displayed. At this time, the linkage will stop. It is necessary to reset the larger feeding times or clear the completed feeding times to restart the linkage operation.
2. No material at the end: Displayed when the material is used up. At this time, the linkage will stop. It is necessary to stop or reinstall the material to perform the linkage action.
3. Emergency stop state: This message is displayed after the feeder emergency stop button is pressed down, indicating that the feeder is in an emergency stop state.
4. Servo drive abnormality: This message is displayed when an alarm occurs in the AC servo drive of the 3-in-1 feeder. The AC servo needs to be inspected or repaired.
5. Spindle frequency converter abnormality: This information is displayed when the material of the three-in-one feeder's material frame spindle inverter is alarmed, and needs to be inspected or repaired.
6. The pressure arm inverter is abnormal: this information is displayed when the pressure roller inverter generates an alarm, which needs to be inspected or repaired.
7. The punching speed is too fast: This information is displayed when the feeding is not completed in the set feeding area. When this information is displayed, the feeding angle is improperly adjusted, the feeding start signal is abnormal, etc. For details, please refer to the feeding angle adjustment instructions.
8. Oil pump motor overheating: The oil pump motor may be out of phase or overloaded.
9. Lift motor overheating: The rack lift motor may be out of phase or overloaded.

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