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Common adjustment schemes in the production process of NC feeders

Time:2019-07-10 16:22:40  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
With the domestic hardware industry, automobile manufacturing, electronic processing, toys and other hardware manufacturing industries entering a growth climax, China's feeder market has expanded rapidly, and the trend toward high-end and large-scale development has become an irreversible fact. In recent years, China has occupied two seats in the list of the world's top ten companies in the feeder industry. This achievement has made the domestic machinery industry shine, and the domestic feeder industry will play an increasingly important role on the world stage. The role of the future feeder will be toward high-end development. In the process of using the NC feeder, we often encounter the following situations. Mastering the adjustment method allows us to develop better.

First, the adjustment of the feeding height

When replacing the stamping die, the height of the lower die of each product may be different. At this time, the NC roller feeder should be adjusted according to the height of the die lower die. The adjustment plate behind each NC roller feeder will have some adjustments. The amount can be adjusted. Firstly, the outer hexagon M12 screw that fixes the NC roller feeder to the fixed plate with the external hexagon M12 or M14 is loosened. Note that it is not too loose, and then the lifting screw nut on the bottom of the mounting plate is loosened. According to the height of the lower mold, adjust to the same height. If the NC roller feeder is to be lowered, turn the bottom screw of the mounting plate counterclockwise. If the NC roller feeder is to be raised, turn the screw at the bottom of the mounting plate clockwise. When the NC roller feeder adjusts the corresponding position, the screw between the NC roller feeder and the mounting plate should be locked again, and then the bottom nut of the mounting plate can be locked.

Second, the belt installation and adjustment

After long-term use of the NC roller feeder, the motor belt may become loose or worn and need to be replaced. If the belt is loose, it should be adjusted in time. Firstly, the screw of the fixed motor is rotated and relaxed, and then the motor is moved to the belt to be tight. Lock the motor screws in the most position. If the belt is too tight, it will shorten the life of the belt. If the belt needs to be worn out, first loosen the bolt of the fixed motor to shorten the distance of the pulley, then take the belt out, replace it with a new one, adjust the appropriate tightness, and then lock the motor screw.

Third, the gear wheel width adjustment

If the stamping product is replaced and the raw material is widened or narrowed, the width between the stopper wheels should be properly adjusted to match the width of the stopper wheel with the material. The method is to first loosen the screw of the stopper wheel M12 and let the stamping material be in the NC. After the feeder and the stamping die are at 90 degrees, adjust the stopper wheel to the appropriate width position, and then lock the stopper wheel M12 screw.

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