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The three-in-one punch feeder should be maintained according to the actual situation.

Time:2019-07-09 19:02:41  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
If you want to make the life of the three-in-one punch feeder more long, then we must know how to maintain and maintain this type of feeder equipment, but also how to feed the three-in-one under various circumstances. Machine maintenance. We all know that no industrial industry has the same production environment, so we only know how to maintain the life of the feeder in different environments. The following feeder manufacturers will come to tell everyone:

First, if a three-in-one punch feeder is used in a harsh environment, the so-called harsh environment is an environment that can affect the three-in-one feeder, and such an environment is a humid, gray environment. . In such an environment, we should keep the environment in which the feeder is placed dry. If the feeder is not used, the feeder should be covered. Always clean the feeder and let the feeder Keep a state free of dust. Because the three-in-one feeder uses electronic components, the natural enemies of these components are dust and humid air.

Second, if you use a three-in-one punch feeder in a good environment, we should regularly check the three-in-one feeder. Remember that the feeder cannot be used for a long time. We all know that people will have problems if they don't exercise for a long time, so let's not worry about the machine equipment. If the feeder is stopped for too long, it will easily cause the feeder to be damaged. In addition, we also prohibit the feeder from being placed in direct sunlight, as this will also damage the feeder. Therefore, no matter what kind of environment, we should have a certain understanding of the maintenance knowledge in different environments.

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