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Detailed steps for trial production of stamping lines

Time:2019-07-05 16:53:47  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
In the automobile and metal stamping production line, the three-in-one feeder is popular in the market because of its compact structure, high degree of automation, stable processing precision, simple and convenient operation. After the customer purchases the punch feeder, the equipment is first installed and debugged by the manufacturer. After the installation, the customer will be accompanied to help the enterprise operator to become familiar with the machine operation as soon as possible. So there is no tutorial, of course.

Operation step 1: Start the trial operation of the stamping three-in-one feeder device, start the straightening machine or material frame, and slowly release the material.

Operation step 2: Adjust the flattening wheel up or the flattening wheel down button by jog mode, adjust the gap between the upper and lower wheels, and finally perform manual fine adjustment;

Operation step 3: The function of the press spring of the three-in-one feeding machine is to apply pressure to the upper roller, so that the upper roller can press the material and send the material, so the pressure should be based on the principle that the material does not slip. More stressful;

Operation step 4: After setting the feeding length of the three-in-one machine, look at the actual situation and set the corresponding feeding speed. The method of setting will be described in detail later.

Operation step 5: When setting the relevant parameters of the feeding, the actual feeding length is not the same as the set value due to the number of the divisor. Therefore, in the manual mode, the feeding test, punching, stroke, punching, and adjustment should be performed. The actual length of the feed;

Operation step 6: When the guide pin tip of the mold enters the guide pin hole, the loose screw can be adjusted to hit the bearing of the relaxation bracket until the material is relaxed, and the screw nut is locked (the pneumatically relaxed feeder should be Adjust the angle of relaxation, that is, ±15° at the end;)

Operation step 7: The adjustment of the feeding start is adjusted by the rotating cam of the punching machine. The so-called feeding start signal is to start feeding at the angle of the punching crankshaft. The recommended angle of the feeding of the automatic three-in-one feeder is 9 to 3 Point (240°-90°), after the setting is completed, the test die should be single-punched, and the rear can be continuously produced.

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