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Is it really profitable to buy the feeder to buy the cheapest?

Time:2019-07-04 17:15:48  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
There are always customers: consult a lot of companies, which three-in-one feeder company quotation is low, who chooses, so really earned the code?
Guangzhou Ruihui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has 18 years of experience: Say, no! Cheap and good quality is usually a habit formed by people in the sale of products. In many cases, excessively cheap goods may not be beautiful, especially for the technical field, expecting innovative products. Low prices often mean low quality and low level. Technology and talent, basic processing technology, low-end accessories. Even if the assembler works hard, the limited professional skills make him unable to produce good quality. The good quality is matched by these links. You think the most basic ones are bad, how can you have good quality? . It’s just like looking at other people’s appearances. When you buy new ones, you can use them for a few months, and wait a little longer. Low-end accessories, poor materials, etc. have a limited service life. I don’t want to use it for a long time. When I buy it, it is a little more expensive than other manufacturers, or one or two thousand. When the result is used, it is cheaper to use for half a year, one year, the price is slightly more expensive for 5 years, 10 years, If you think about it, don't say that when you mistakenly produce these factors, you really earn money when you buy cheaper ones. The low cost can only be reduced from these. The company has profit, so you must know that the boss can't buy or sell at a loss. Need to raise workers, raise factories, etc., so a penny and a share of goods, this is the ancestors summed up always have its reason.

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