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General components of a three-in-one feeder for automated equipment

Time:2019-07-03 17:16:11  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
More and more three-in-one feeders go to the production line. What components of the three-in-one feeder are integrated into one? The three-in-one feeder of punching machine is composed of material frame, correcting leveling machine, punching machine and other machinery and equipment. It can realize the whole process from raw material conveying, leveling, shearing sheet, punch feeding, to stamping and forming products. Automatic production line equipment. After the combination of the feeder, leveling machine and material rack, the equipment space can be greatly saved, and the punching production line is more compact and simpler.

The material frame of the one-and three-in-one feeder is made of welded frame, hydraulic expansion and contraction reel, and the blade type design is added to ensure that there is no gap in the rising state when the bottle is open, stable and durable, and the motor is driven. Unwinding (frequency control), there is a pressing device above the coil to ensure no looseness, and the width of the pressing device is easy to adjust; the material-rolling mechanism has a deformation design of the inner coil of the steel coil and a material hook for the steel coil. Hang up the core block design. The core-connecting block has a lock-proof design. The coil frame motor, brake brake mechanism and feeder drive inverter meet the load design. The material rack has the function of expanding the core to realize the repeated positioning of the coil material during the replacement of the coil material, and the material rack load can be customized according to customer requirements.
Second, the servo feeder is matched with the feeding and discharging centering adjustment mechanism. The operation, replacement and maintenance are convenient and reliable. The false feeding detection device can detect the feeding length, and the feeding length can be set on the display as needed.
The leveling machine in the three-in-one feeder is integrated with the feeder, driven by a servo motor; the gap between the upper and lower rollers is adjustable and the gap value is displayed. After leveling, there is no indentation on the surface of the sheet, and there will be no wave or undulation inequality after the material is leveled. The leveling machine's leveling roller drive gear set has good lubrication design, and the daily lubrication point check is convenient and reliable.
Fourth, for heavy materials, generally also equipped with a trolley. The hydraulic loading trolley trolley adopts a V-shaped bracket, and the surface is made of pressure-resistant and wear-resistant plates, which is firm and reliable. The trolley is safe and reliable, the center of gravity is stable, and the structure is stable, ensuring that the coil material is placed on the trolley. During the moment of starting and during the movement of the trolley, the coil material does not appear to be turned over, tilted or dumped; the feeding is labor-saving, time-saving and safe.

The three-in-one feeder automatically realizes automation. The feeding, feeding, material blocking, folding, leveling, feeding and refueling are all completed by one person on the independent console, which greatly saves the savings. Labor, reducing labor intensity.

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