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Three-in-one feeder daily operation precautions

Time:2019-07-02 17:24:51  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Three-in-one feeder daily operation notes:

The three-in-one feeder mainly consists of a double-head material frame consisting of a frame, a spindle box and a carrier. The spindle box is supported by a long wheelbase, which has a small footprint and saves space. The double-headed rack can be on one side. When the material is processed at the same time, the material is added on the other side, and the foot switch can be easily replaced by the foot switch, which saves the refueling time and improves the working efficiency. The machine is generally used with the S-type high-speed leveling machine, and does not require power, such as no adjustment. If the plane is used alone, it needs to be equipped with a power structure.

1. The switch control system of the three-in-one feeder device is malfunction caused by human or external factors.

2, the mold is responsible for the main function of the workpiece processing, is the concentrated release of the entire system energy, because the mold design is unreasonable or defective, does not take into account the safety of the operator when using, the hand should be directly or Regularly reaching into the mold to complete the work, thus increasing the possibility of injury.

3, three-in-one feeder part of the stamping equipment is a rigid clutch, which uses the cam mechanism to engage or disengage the clutch, once the three-in-one feeder is engaged, it must be completed after a full ring.

4. The three-in-one feeder equipment will also be subjected to frequent strong impacts and vibrations during operation, causing some parts to deform, wear and even chip, causing the equipment to run out of control and dangerous dangerous accidents or accidents.

The last three-in-one feeder is the same as other machines and equipment. The production operators must undergo professional training before they can work. Only the correct use and operation of the three-in-one feeder can avoid safety accidents.

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