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How the three-in-one feeder program works

Time:2019-06-29 10:31:50  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
The three-in-one feeder refers to the automatic operation according to the specified requirements and the established procedures. The person only needs to determine the control requirements and procedures, and does not need to directly operate the feeding mechanism. That is, the mechanism that automatically transfers items from one location to another, during which the process can be automatically and accurately completed without human intervention. Generally, there are a detecting device, a feeding device, and the like. It is mainly used for the transportation of semi-products of various materials and industrial products, and can also be used to automate production in the next process.

The feeder is simply a machine that transports materials. The traditional concept of a feeder, which is a machine for the machine to carry out the required transportation of the material by means of the motion generated by the electric power and the force of the motion is applied to the material. The modern concept of the feeder uses new technology in terms of power, and begins to use high-pressure air, ultrasonic and other technologies for material transportation. Different types of feeders have different working processes, but they are all similar. They are generally composed of five parts: the feeding device, the conveying wheel, the transmission rod, the bracket and the control circuit. The feeding device is transported one bar at a time. The wheel discharges, and the conveyor wheel feeds the bar into the grinding zone. When working, the bar is above the conveying wheel. When the bar is worn and rotated, the friction of the bar is reduced in the state in which the rotation of the conveying wheel advances, thereby improving the grinding accuracy. The vibration and noise during operation are very small, especially suitable for long bar and precision workpiece machining.

At present, the three-in-one feeders, which are widely used at home and abroad, can be used in all kinds of centerless grinders, and the automatic feeding work is completed with the processing machine. After the bar material of the storage box is delivered, the machine tool is automatically waiting for the feeding state and passes the warning device. Inform the operator to add. The three-in-one feeder is widely used in the light industry and heavy industry.

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