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Three-in-one feeders are becoming more and more common in automated production lines

Time:2021-10-16 17:08:45  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Three-in-one feeder, also known as three-in-one machine, leveling feeder and straightening machine, short-size feeder, etc., has a wide variety and can basically be applied to various industrial production. Generally speaking, this kind of feeder is divided into three categories: thin plate, medium plate and thick plate. Compared with the traditional split stamping automated production line, this equipment has a compact structure, a small footprint, high automation efficiency (feeding, feeding, uncoiling, leveling, and feeding are fully automated), and the leveling accuracy is higher (leveling) , Feeding the same machine at the same time, it can effectively avoid the rebound of the flattened plate due to internal stress, ensuring the flattening and feeding accuracy), better stability, lower failure rate, etc., so it has been more and more in the automated production line. The more universal the application.
1. The thin plate type is mainly used for the production of fine stamping of computers, printers, electronic digital products and so on.
2. The medium plate is mainly used for the production of medium plates such as electrical parts, car wash parts and ceiling punching.
3. The thick plate feeder is used for shelf punching, brake pad punching, and caster hardware punching.
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