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Three - in - one lift feeder for special materials

Time:2021-08-17 10:24:42  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI

  The short size uncoiling feeder is widely used and can be used for stamping production of various materials. In production sometimes use some soft or surface coated materials, these materials in the leveling feeding, leveling, feeding on the roller is easy to touch metal particles or other, and once after leveling with debris, feeding the roller, the dislocation after leveling roll materials for pressure leveling out there will be a small sag, uneven, And the feeding part will appear the feeding is not allowed phenomenon, seriously affect the quality of the finished products.

  In order to solve the problem of feeding drum cleaning, Ruihui has specially produced a three-in-one feeder that can be opened. The leveling feeder head part of the three-in-one feeder is composed of the upper leveling drum, the lower leveling drum, the safety support rod, the rotating eccentric shaft, the upper feeding drum, the lower feeding drum, the reliable quality level adjustment device, the second level adjustment device, the upper fixed seat and the lower fixed seat.

  Sets the leveling on the feeder roller rotating eccentric shaft in exports as the center of 45 degrees oblique upward lift, easy to clean the glue on the material, but also convenient for checking for internal gear and other components, can avoid the leveling roller and the leveling roll on chip due to the waste in the process of rolling material for leveling roller and the lower leveling roller damage, Thus prolonging the service life of leveling drum, feeding drum, gear and other components, and improve the surface quality of stamping products, improve the cleaning efficiency, reduce the cleaning cost.

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