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Performance advantages of short size uncoiling lines

Time:2021-08-10 17:14:21  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Three - in - one automatic feeder is also called short - size feeder. Set uncoiling, leveling, feeding as a whole, has the characteristics of easy loading and unloading, high feeding accuracy, saving space, etc., has a unique advantage in transporting and leveling heavier and thick metal coils.

1, the material frame, leveling, feeding machine is controlled by the touch screen, with real-time monitoring and running status detection function, safe and stable operation, easy operation and worry saving.

2. On the main shaft of the material frame, the pneumatic supporting arm and the material limiting rod of the material frame are respectively from the internal and external directions to the coil limit, so that the rotation is more stable.

3, the coil unwinding control is changed from the traditional one group of photoelectric to two groups of photoelectric, the material only needs to block one group of photoelectric can ensure that the material frame stops rotating, to avoid the damage caused by the failure of photoelectric equipment.

4, high precision worm gear reducer, metal bellows coupling, no transmission clearance, no Angle error, to ensure the feeding accuracy and stability.

5, leveling, feeding drum processing technology is greatly optimized and improved to improve its dimensional accuracy and wear resistance.

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