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Customized process of non-standard feeder:

Time:2019-11-22 17:26:22  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Customized process of non-standard feeder:

1. Communicated with the stamping customer to understand the basic information of the customer's materials, such as the width, thickness and feeding speed of materials, and then evaluated according to the customer's needs.

2. The r&d designer of the company will discuss and analyze the data provided by the customer and make a preliminary plan, including schematic diagram and technical parameters.

3. Further communicated with the customer, understood the stamping process of the customer from all aspects, optimized and rectified the scheme, then negotiated the final price and signed the contract.

4. The company's r&d engineer shall carry out the 3D design of this punch feeder, and it is necessary to provide the 3D assembly drawing and part drawing, which shall be confirmed by the customer.

5. Start production and deliver to the customer site.

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