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General method of mould inspection for feeder

Time:2019-10-30 17:19:14  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
Feeding machine with a long time the problem is naturally more, so you want to know the feeding machine mold should be overhaul what to see?

(1) hot spot burial: the quenching temperature is too high or different, tempering times are not appropriate, and the quenching time is not grasped; Problems appear after a period of use.

(2) stamping stack: the stamping is still continued when the material is overlapped, usually the stripping plate is broken.

(3) scrap blocking: the three-in-one feeder blanking hole is not drilled or the size is not consistent or fell on the bed table is not cleaned in a timely manner, to punch and the lower formwork damage.

(4) punch drop: the end is fully fixed or suspended, or the screw is too thin and strength is not I, or the punch is broken. 

(5) insufficient hole escape: the hole size or depth of punch pressing plate is insufficient, and the hole escape of punch and strip plate is usually damaged.

(6) foreign body entry: the product is blown out and bounced back, die parts are broken and fall off, screws protrude the die surface or other items enter the die, which may damage the lower die, stripping board or punch, guide post.

(7) improper stamping: the work height is adjusted too low, the guide column loses oil, the material bar is sent by mistake or half material is flushed, peripheral equipment such as feeding, discharging and receiving machine is damaged, the air pipe is not installed or opened, the punch press is abnormal, etc.

(8) improper maintenance: the above mentioned points are caused by the change without change or the screws are not locked or restored as original.

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