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Working principle and advantages of three-in-one uncoiler leveling feeder

Time:2021-05-11 17:26:00  Source:www.ruihui.net  Author:RUIHUI
The three-in-one feeder is composed of three parts: uncoiler, leveling machine and feeder. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain, and reduces the area occupied by the feeding device at the same time. And can be placed on the ordinary floor with the punch work, and installed on the material frame by the control of the lower photoelectric control, servo feeder can be leveling, while the preset length of the material sent to the punch mold, and with high precision mold in an instant to relax the material movement.

The operation of the three-in-one feeder is very simple, and its specific process is as follows:

Uncoiler: using oil pressure expansion system, automatic tensioning and loosening materials, high reliability, low labor intensity, the press arm adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, one-way clutch transmission, so that the material will not loose. Feeding adopts photoelectric induction system, automatic feeding. Feeding guide rail, using pneumatic lifting material, in the feeding mouth is equipped with pneumatic feeding plate device, the material head pressed down can be automatically fed into the leveling machine.

Leveling machine: using rolling bearing steel high frequency quenching hard chromium plating processing, surface plating can reach more than 62 degrees, in strengthening the central cylinder is equipped with adjustable device, increase the stiffness of roller, roller adopts 2 points on fine-tuning type structure, adjust the volume of down with the worm gear and worm, light energy of high precision, turn to relax part adopts pneumatic arm linkage, flexible motion with high precision, good self-locking. The leveling and relaxation are biased

Feeding machine: the use of imported servo motor, worm gear reducer, metal bellows coupling, no transmission clearance, no Angle error, up and down feeding roller adopts no clearance rotating structure. At the same time, the encoder is used to control the feeding accuracy, which automatically compensates when the feeding is more and less, so the feeding is accurate and the error is very low. The core structure, through the electrical signal given by the punch, relaxes quickly, presses down forcefully and guides the material accurately.

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